Day 6: The End, and The Beginning


One idea that has permeated this week is that of water. It is a force of nature, powerful, cleansing, both beautiful and fearful, and the image of water is used very symbolically throughout The Flora & Fauna. As the team finalized the few technical elements and worked incorporated them into the transitions of the show in the few hours they had before opening the house doors, the sound of waves crashing on some ocean shore filled the room, as though to polish the project like pebbles worn smooth by the sea.

The final day of this process began with a few hours to finish working on the piece and preparing it for an audience. It was a relaxed morning, filled with coffee, treats, and beautiful words in the final push to share this piece with the world. Then, it was time to take a deep breath, let go, and let the small, lovely audience into the world of The Flora & Fauna. The reading went by quickly, the audience engaging with the text from the first mention of a Mermaid’s Tail to the phrase “end of play.”

Hugs were shared all around at the close. A great discussion followed the reading, as the entire production team pulled up a chair on stage and began an open dialogue with the audience. Everyone seemed to have formed an emotional connection with the piece, and the safe space that is the theatre allowed for a deep discussion of the heavier topics of the play. With that, the team said their goodbyes, some running off to theatre engagements elsewhere, others to enjoy a last lunch together before going their separate ways. The Flora & Fauna is on its way to multiple readings around the country, and we eagerly await further news of its development.



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