Day 5: Horseshoes and Hand Grenades


One of the most frustrating things anyone can experience is having a very close, intimate friendship with someone important to them, but finding slowly that you will never fully understand them. In The Flora & Fauna, the friendship between two very different women is examined through excerpts of their history together. While their friendship is a very strong one, their differences make it difficult for them to truly relate to each other.

The script is full of moments in which one of them is entirely missing the point, missing the warning signs of things that would come while they are still small enough to be stopped. These moments were placed in the spotlight tonight, and the creative team dug into them eagerly, driven still more passionately by the image of the extended metaphors discovered last night. It is truly the story of two women struggling to pull each other back from the edge, when neither of them has a clear understanding of where that edge is. They care for each other as best as they know how – and while this leads to a lot of pain, or misunderstandings, or the like, they find their way through it all, and emerge stronger on the other side for having kept at it.

Tonight, the team focused on their staging of the show, solidifying the minimal staging, working the transitions between scenes and moments, and finding every last nugget they could in the time they were given. It was another empowering, magical night of work, and they left ready to hit it hard once more before presenting it to an audience and discussing it publicly with the playwright, Alyson Mead, at the helm.


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