Day 3: Butterfly Cookies


Sometimes, an image resonates with you, however simple that image may be. One that has recurred in our rehearsal process is that of a butterfly drifting by. It’s such a hopeful, symbolic picture, and one that represents the play rather well – grace and beauty meet fragility and the uncertainty of gliding on an uncontrollable breeze. In the spirit of this image, the creative team of this project was treated to some lovely butterfly cookies before getting started today, courtesy of their director, Stefanie Sertich.

Another through line of this show, and one discussed in depth as development continued tonight, was the contrast of the real versus the imagined. Due to various traumatic events in the lives of the characters in this beautiful tale, there are many episodes of dissociation presented by the characters, struggling to remain grounded in the pain of their reality, particularly when faced with their often harsh and gritty pasts. These moments work in glorious contrast with the harsh realities presented in each scene, each seemingly more real than the last.

On this night, as on the last, the team received new scripts hot off the presses, filled with additions, cuts, and changes from the lovely Alyson Mead that had occurred over night. At the end of the evening, the team had begun truly digging into each scene, working every moment carefully and thoughtfully. The goal shifted from focusing on rewrites, which had been the primary focus of the previous evenings, to finding the time and tempo of the piece with the actors, finding all the layers that could be incorporated into the reading to express the depth of meaning their words gave.

It was another successful and emotional evening, filled with breakthroughs, laughter, and newly strained heart strings.


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