This site is the home for updates, insights, and documentation of the work done in The Bridge Initiative’s Feb. 2017 week-long intensive, focused on the development of Alyson Mead’s new work, The Flora & Fauna. Check out the about page for production information, or head over to the blog for exciting news as we get into our fast-paced creative process!

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This blog exists to document the creative process behind the week long intensive workshop of Alyson Mead’s Flora & Fauna.

Production Information:

Winner of The Bridge Initiative’s 2016 New Work contest, Alyson Mead’s The Flora and Fauna introduces terminally ill Adele as she requests a mermaid tail and suicide pills from her best friend, Ginnie. The play then flashes back through scenes spanning three decades of a fierce, loyal friendship until, in the final minutes of the piece, the audience witnesses the moment their bond originated.

MCC hosts this reading after a week of development with the playwright and New York-based director Stefanie Sertich in residence. The reading will be followed by a brief talkback with the playwright and creative team.

CAST: Amie Bjorklund & Shari Watts

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